Saturday, September 18, 1999

Ron Hoover: Recent Work

Exhibition Check List

  • Just Do Not Do It, 1998, oil on canvas
  • "You Must Believe Me For I Am Here To Help You" Yeah, Right!, 1999, oil on canvas
  • Practitioners Of Violence Are Not Role Models, 1991
  • Mr. Consent To Search, 1994
  • And You Always Told Me That You Loved Me, 1999, oil on canvas
  • Congressional Policy For The People, 1997, oil pastel on paper
  • Republican's Gift For The Poor, 1997, oil pastel on paper
  • No More Burqas, 1998, ink on paper
  • Mr. Cheap Hand Gun, 1997, ink on paper
  • Another Throw Away Child, 1997, ink on paper
  • And You Always Said That You Loved Me, 1999, ink on paper
  • Motel 1600, 1998, oil pastel on paper
  • Columbus In The Americas, 1992, graphite on paper
  • Mr. Defense Action League (A.K.A. Mr. Coathanger II), 1994, oil on canvas
  • No More Burqas (A.K.A. Taliban), 1998, oil on canvas

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