Thursday, August 14, 2008

Ron Hoover

Ron Hoover was born in Texas. He received his MA degree from the University of Oklahoma in 1977 and his BFA degree from the University of Houston in 1975.

The content of Hoover's art comes directly from his personal experiences, alternative newspapers, and public radio prgrams. "My painting deals with the human figure - an interest and concern about the human condition". Hoover probes the dark recesses of human nature. He reveals the untold truths behind little known allegations of crime, corruption, and social injustice. Hoover's work consists of psychologial portraits of wealthy power hungry types such as corporate leaders, politicians, military dictators, and their victims.

Hoover's art is included in the collection of The Menil Collection, Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, and the Art Museum of Southeast Texas in Beaumont. Hoover currently lives in Houston.

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