Friday, March 6, 2009

Mrs. Unfaithful

Mrs. Unfaithful, 1989, oil on canvas, 24x18, private collection

Lynn Castle stated in the exhibition brochure for "Contemporary Dramas" in 1989 at the Art Museum of Southeast Texas, Beaumont.

"The painting Mrs. Unfaithful, 1989 is a splendid example of Hoover's working method. The portrait of the woman with the long braid could be someone in particular Hoover knows, but she also represents someone we all know. (This viewer finds and uncanny resemblance to Mrs. Unfaithful and the Helga paintings by Andrew Wyeth...) The subject is portrayed with hooded eyes, which is an approach taken in several of these paintings, giving the impression that she is closing herself off and is not approachable or willing to communicate. This woman is protecting herself from any danger which might occur as a result of her actions. On either side of her head are two vague shapes which could represent buildings or houses. Perhaps it is because she shares two homes now and is dividing two separate households. Hoover gives us just enough information to make our own speculations."

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